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Bag Style Options.

Below is a list of popular styles available at Genuine Baggage and some basic features and benefits of each design.

Shoulder bag

This is probably the most common handbag style and refers to many designs in one. The term shoulder bag simply pertains to a bag which has one or two shoulder straps attached.

Shoulder bags are the most common because of convenience. They generally sit comfortably on your shoulder and relate to many day or evening bag styles.

Tote bag

A tote bag generally opens up wide. Totes have a large top opening which often does not zip to close.

Tote bags are particularly useful for carrying packages or many items. Tote handbags are a good choice for those who need to access items easily usually from a large centre section and for those who need to carry a lot of bulker items.

Clutch bag

The classic clutch bag is often a smaller bag that is typically hard structured.

Typically used for evening occasions as generally there is not a huge amount of space inside the bag, the clutch is a very popular option for a night out.

Evening Bag

Evening bags are commonly small and elegant. Evening bags are often made of unique fabrics and ordained with ornate detailing.

Suitable of special occasions, events and complimentary to evening attire.


Hobo bags are generally larger in size and soft bodied, commonly with a shoulder strap.

Hobo bags tend to weigh less than other bags and often hold a lot of contents.

Messenger bag

Messenger bags are larger in size and generally rectangle in shape. Messengers are typically worn across the body.

Messengers are particularly useful for carrying IT devices, paperwork and more making them a popular alternative to briefcases.


A backpack also referred to as a knapsack is a bag that is carried on your back. Often you have two straps that sit on the shoulder securing the bag to the back position.

Backpacks are particularly useful for distribution of weight and for persons on the go. Typically used for travel and outdoor adventure the backpack has also become a popular choice for everyday use.

Holdall bag

Holdall bags are otherwise known as travel bags, gym bags or weekend bags. They come in a range of materials and sizes which often determines the purpose.

Larger leather holdall bags are very popular for weekend bags and travel.

Satchel bag

Satchel bags are often rectangle is shape, similar to a messenger but generally smaller and typically sit on your shoulder or wrist.

Often structured and suitable for day use.

Cross Body Bag

Cross body bags come in many shapes and sizes but with the common long and often adjustable shoulder strap that is worn across the body.

A good choice for freeing up the hands and added security on the go.

Business Bag

Business bag is a pretty broad term but generally speaking this style relates to IT and laptop bags, briefcases, attaché bags and pilot bags.

Suitable for day use and corporate activities.