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Handbag Care

Leather Handbags

Leather handbags and wallets are beautiful and essential must have items. Leather is durable and can last a lifetime if care is taken to store your beauties properly.

Leather Handbag Care
First up Storage:

Store your leather handbag with either acid-free paper or in a material dust bag.

All leather handbags sold at Genuine Baggage come with a material dust bag or acid-free paper boxed free of charge with purchase.

Please store your leather handbags and leather wallets in this way when they are not in use and it is a good idea to stuff the inside with acid-free paper to retain their shape.

Take care not to store leather handbags and wallets in plastic bags, tubs or other nonporous storage as they may encourage the growth of mildew and bacteria which will ruin leather.

If you have an existing handbag that you did not buy from us that does not have a bag, try a cotton pillow case.

Leave space around each item as leather likes to breathe.

Hang leather handbags allowing them to breathe and to prevent wrinkles. You may choose to still put the material dust bag over them too, especially if hanging in a cupboard. Make sure you avoid wire hangers and opt for a padded material hanger instead.

Another fun idea is to use a coat or hat stand. This can be a handbag tree of envy and looks pretty funky in your bedroom.  Avoid  elements like heat, sunlight and moisture that may jeopardize the leather's quality.

Make sure you take your leather handbags and leather wallets out of their storage area every so often to extend their life. Leather items can be stored long term but please take them out periodically to air the material out and why would you hide away a beautiful leather handbag or wallet anyway? Use it, show it off, fill it full of the stuff we all need to haul around and love your bag until the straps full off.

Next leather condition:

Apply a leather conditioning agent to preserve leather quality and retain leather moisture. Avoid silicone and waxes, these may clog pores and make it hard to condition and oil your leather handbags and wallets.

Please don't use any caustic household chemicals to clean your handbag, these may ruin the leather and cause discoloration.

Try to treat stains as soon as they happen with a damp cloth. Soft alcohol free wash or alcohol-free baby wipes are good ideas. Baby wipes are gentle, quick, and easy.

If you have any situations with oils or grease that can’t be removed straight away, try grounding some chalk (like the school blackboard type) and applying for at least 24hrs. This may help to absorb the grease or oil.

If there is a big stain, I would personally recommend that you don't try to clean it yourself. Take your leather handbag or wallet to leather expert as soon as possible. Especially if it is a loved designer piece.

Try cleaning the interior of your leather handbag with a lint roller.

By following some of these simple tips you should continue to enjoy your beautiful leather handbags and wallets for many years. If not buy another one, better still buy many like I do and match them to your occasion, outfit, season, personality, mood or for the fabulous function they serve of keeping all our stuff in.  

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