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We work to live as mothers, But, there’s always time to shop for handbags

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BEING a full-time mother is the highest paid and most satisfying job in the world.

With this in mind mother-of-two Kylie Deans, worked hard for a life outside of her career in finance, striving to become a successful small business owner.

Founding online handbag company Genuine Baggage in 2007, this business-minded mother today serves as a director of a fast growing international online company.

“I love being a stay-at-home ‘mumtrepreneur’, I joke that over the past seven years I’ve been raising two boys as well as a company from home and I wouldn’t trade that for the world,” Kylie said.

Kylie urges other mums to look at improving their quality of life as stay-at-home online mumtrepreneurs.

“In the early days it was all trial and error, but through building a fantastic network of suppliers and loyal customers we’ve grown in the market.

“My first handbag sale paid for a sandpit, now the revenue is laying the platform for the future growth of this family-owned handbag company.

“The Australian marketplace still embraces retail stores as much as online shopping, I like to think some Genuine Baggage customers are busy mums who don’t have time to drag the kids down to the store to try on our handbags, which is why we offer convenience from home with free postage,” Ms Deans said.

“Busy people know the reality that many of us are time poor these days, but hey we work to live and there’s always time for a woman to shop.”


Celebrating Mother’s Day, Genuine Baggage is offering a 10% discount to all mothers on handbag purchases between now and the end of May, simply enter code Z62L3DBOT at checkout to receive this offer.


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Kylie Deans of Genuine Baggage is available for interviews by email customerservice@genuinebaggage.com.au